Winter Layering Made Easy

As the temperature continues to stay low and the wind still has some 'bite', the art of combining comfort, warmth, and sophistication becomes paramount - also known as, the art of winter layering. While the thought may seem daunting, winter layering is the perfect way to bring that elevated look to your everyday style. Whether it’s a casual fit for your weekend errands, or you’re heading out for the night - get ready to conquer the cold with ease. 

If you’re truly bracing the cold then we would recommend opting for a thick, long sleeve shirt such as the Del Sur L/S Tee, or a heavyweight tee such as The Newport Tee. Otherwise, the classic Del Sur Tee is sure to do the trick for any occasion. Consider versatile and neutral tones for your base layer, such as charcoal, white, black, navy or beige. Ensure your base layer is something you feel confident and comfortable wearing on its own if you begin to warm up.

Play with textures, patterns, and colors that complement your base layer, adding visual interest and dimension to your outfit. For a cold night out, consider the Montreaux Cable Knit, or a Del Sur Sweat for that perfect everyday look. A middle layer shirt is also a great option to take you from day to night. Not only is the middle layer about utility, but it works to break up the basic routine of two classic layers.