Responsibility Today & into the Future

Industrie aligns its sustainability program to the United Nations, Sustainability Development goals (SDGs). The SDGs provide a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet. They’re a call to action by all countries toward a common goal to end poverty, improve health and education, reduce inequality and spur economic growth – all while tackling climate change and working to preserve our oceans and forests.

Industrie’s Responsible Supply Chain

Industrie is committed to responsible and ethical practices within its manufacturing supply chain. We do this by developing and maintain long standing, close working relationships with all of our supplier’s. Further to this, our factories undertake regular International audits to ensure all areas of the process comply with both Local and International standards – and in alignment to the SDG Goals.

Responsible Sourcing, Supply Chain and Code of Conduct

We care about where our products are manufactured, by who and in what environment. Industrie works together with skilful suppliers and international audit companies to ensure all people involved in the supply of our garments are provided with a safe working environment and are paid a fair and legal wage. Industrie is committed to the improvement of global social conditions. Our philosophy and priority are to build trustworthy and long-term ethical relationships with our suppliers.

We have worked closely with the majority of our suppliers for over 15 years. This ensures continuity in the quality and delivery of our products. All new suppliers are required to pass an International Audit, which is regularly reviewed. Industrie provide each manufacturer with a code of conduct which strictly outlines the company policies addressing safe working environments, fundamental human rights & satisfactory working conditions. These are signed by all those involved before any work commences. Ongoing, issues addressed in audits are swiftly acted on and rectified.

Given the importance of our relationships with factory partners, we seek to positively contribute to the working conditions of the people making our products.

Industrie garment factories and fabric mills are in China and India. Industrie have visibility of all factories and fabric mills, laundries and dye houses. These are audited annually or more often if required.

As well as the manufacturing procedures in place, Industrie is an active participant in the Australian Packaging Covenant which aims to change the culture of business to design more sustainable packaging, increase recycling rates and reduce packaging litter, reducing the environmental impact domestically.

Our SDG Commitments

We have adopted the SDG framework as a way of organising our efforts with the rest of the world with the goal of creating peace and prosperity for people and planet. Our focus is on 4 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals: -

1. End Poverty
6. Water and Sanitation
12. Sustainable Consumption & Production
15. Biodiversity, forests, desertification

Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms
Community Support

We are committed to being a business that has a positive impact through supporting local communities. That’s why, to-date, we have given over $7 million to these hard- working charities and communities. Learn More >

Fair Wage Project
100% Tier 1 manufacturers are provided a living wage. Industrie works with all its direct factories to ensure their textile and garment workers are paid living wages so they can to ensure their basic living needs are met.

Goal 6: Water and Sanitation
Water Stewardship

Industrie has been running Water stewardship programs for the last 3 years. It captures 80% of our wet facilities. All key wet facilities have a water stewardship plan focussed on knowing where suppliers draw water from & what they do with it during and post production. Audits take place regularly to improve each facilities water stewardship; including a water conservation and management plan.

Goal 12: Sustainable consumption and production

Industrie is implementing a “Preferred Fibre Program” This program captures all yarns, this is focused on the following elements: Recycled, responsibly sourced, regenerative-grown, or renewable.

Industrie is working with an Australian recycler of textiles, where excess goods are decommissioned and then processed to create a raw material to be used in other industries.

Goal 15: Biodiversity, forests, desertification

Industrie is currently working on projects that we believe will have a positive impact.

Animal Welfare
Industrie is committed to ensuring that all materials are sourced responsibly and this commitment includes raw materials sourced from animals. Industrie have a dedicated Animal Welfare Policy which covers hair and fibre, fur, feather and down, leather skin products and animal testing. Suppliers are required to give full commitment and assurance that they adhere to our animal welfare policy.

- Fur - Industrie does not use real fur, leather and Skin. Industrie leathers are sourced as a by-product of another industry.

- Angora - Industrie have banned the use of angora in its supply chain.

- Feather and Down - Feather and Down is sourced purely as a by-product of other industries. Any sourced from 2019 onwards is certified by the RDS standard.

- Animal Testing -Industrie does not source products that have been used for animal testing in any way.